Bar Gates

Bar grille gates can be manufactured in any format required: 

  • Square bar 
  • Round bar 
  • Box section frames with mesh infills 
  • Alley way gates 
  • Gates with sheet steel covering for privacy
  • Architectural gates and bespoke gates. 

Send us a simple sketch together with the sizes of the gate via  
email and we will be pleased to provide you with a quotation. If you are unsure of your requirements, feel free to visit us and we will be happy to help and advise where necessary.


Outlined below are two different applications showing how letter boxes can be made to accommodate varying doors:


Bar grille gate                  Bar grille gate with side panel


On the left is a gate for a multi-occupancy building and on the right is a small basement with a stairway. Not all letter box openings are set at the same level, as in the case of the door on the left.




Thumbturn lock protection    Steel Security Manufacturer and Fabricators


This particular door is the only exit for the occupiers and it must be fitted with a thumbturn lock, especially as it is above the ground floor. The thumbturn can be protected by a fully welded box or an adjustable bolted box as shown below left.

Note the overlap plate to the left of the lock cylinder, this is to protect the lock bolt, alternatively this overlap can be made along the entire length.

Also note the lock box. This protects the thumbturn when the door is closed, preventing any unwanted intruders gaining access. The box shown depicts a bolted version using security bolts. Boxes can be welded on during manufacture, however, if preferred.